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Do you test on animals?

Peter Thomas Roth does not test any of our formulas or raw materials on animals but we believe in total transparency and will not claim that for the following reasons.

We cannot be certain that a raw material supplier has not now or at some time in the past tested an ingredient on animals.  We do not knowingly purchase ingredients that have been tested on animals and inquire before purchasing ingredients, but some staple ingredients that have been used in products for years may have been tested on animals in the past.

We do sell our products in China and some other countries that still do test on animals; though it is our understanding that China is moving towards stopping this practice. We are not alone in selling to China; nearly every major cosmetic company sells there.  Also to be noted, many major beauty retailers conduct business there including QVC and Sephora.  Again, you must feel comfortable in your choices but we hope you will consider all information in doing so.

Do I need to use gluten-free skin care products?

Many skin care products contain gluten. Gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin from skin care products. However, anything that may come in contact with your lips/mouth (such as lip balm and toothpaste) should be gluten-free.

This statement has been verified by the Celiac Disease Association.

Do you offer free samples?

At this time samples are only available with purchase on

How can I reach Peter Thomas Roth Customer Service?

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information. We look forward to speaking with you!